Landing Page Optimisation

How to optimise your landing pages to increase engagement and drive online sales.

The most successful websites tend to have the best landing pages. This is because first impressions last, and is probably a pretty obvious point. But, what isn’t obvious is how one can achieve this. I mean, it’s all well and good to say you need the best landing page, but that sounds easier said than done, right?

A great way to do this is by using landing page optimisation tools. These are available to anyone and the use of them isn’t restricted to people with know-how; they are simple to use – anyone can do it – and are proven to give tangible, solid results, often being the difference between success and failure.

Landing page optimisation tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a great difference in how they’re packaged, whether it’s a small program that simply suggests object placement or AB testing, to well staffed companies that are dedicated to micro managing websites to squeeze every ounce from your proverbial lemon. These differences will also indicate price and the level of involvement you are asked to provide to realise results.

Even without these tools, you can implement your own landing page optimisation, and here are some ways to do it. These will be effective through iterative testing, meaning you will need to test and retest different configurations to which provides the highest uplift in your desired result, be it sales or registration.

Try putting your call to action in a different corner of the screen, put it in a button, not as simple text on the page, and change the colour of the button to something that contrasts with the rest of the colour scheme. Your CTA is of great importance, so applying some of these changes may prove to show a world of difference.

Include trust anchors to lend credibility to your product. This will be things like partnered companies, awards, testimonials, reviews, anything that shows that other people have trust in your business. On the topic of testimonials, ensure they include the persons full name and is more than a single sentence, as this otherwise instills little in the eye of the consumer.

Try including static images over video, visa-versa, or a combination of both. This reflects an important point: It is sometimes unknown what will be more effective verses what will not, so make sure that you test several options against each other to find what has the greatest positive effect and implement it accordingly.

Some landing page optimisation tools will incorporate all of these above methods, and some will simply tell you what’s working better than something else. Whatever the case, you’ll find you’re in better stead and well on your way to realising the best landing pages you can create when you apply some of the aforementioned changes. So good luck and don’t stop enhancing your site.